St. Louis Riverfront
A visual essay that interprets on-site and off-site research about the Riverfront area of St. Louis into illustrations on three book spreads, capturing "a sense of a place within a given physical area". The St. Louis Riverfront area, spanning along Mississippi, was one of the oldest St. Louis neighborhoods before the monumental Gateway Arch was erected, witnessing the old and the new, the big and the small, as well as the past and the present. 
This project hopes to deliver a storytelling quality by practicing visual journalism like established illustrators, such as Robert Weaver and Franklin McMahon. It started by on-site sketches of different medium and 2000 photographs taken during multiple field trips to the Riverfront, and then moved on to off-site research about the culture and history of the Riverfront. The illustrations consist of watercolor, pencils, color pencils, photography and digital, both individual and combined. 
Keyword     Visual Essay  |  Visual Journalism  |  On-site Research
Role     Illustrator  |  Photographer
Year     2019
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