Samsara Typeface and Specimen Print
Samsara is a modular display typeface built on three simple curved modules. 
Samsara (or Saṃsāra, संसार) is a Sanskrit word meaning "wandering" or "world", with the connotation of a cyclic, circuitous change. It similarly means "reincarnation" and "mundane existence" in Buddhism and Hinduism. The positive and negative space of the letterforms share similar shapes and curves, so when placed together, the letters can be interlinked with each other and form a flow like water.
The specimen poster was printed with silver ink by lithography. Its text explains the meaning of the word Samsara, and the words form a crossword that reveals the name of the typeface. 
Keyword     Typeface  |  Letterform  |  Printmaking  |  Craftsmanship
Role     Designer  |  Printmaker
Year     2018

Iterations & Process
Iterations of letterforms on Illustrator artboards.
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