Hyperspace (Work in Progress)
A work in progress — more refined illustration, description, and more detailed documentation coming soon!
Theoretical album cover redesign for Hyperspace by Beck. The style is influenced by the Italian adaption of Surrealism, Metaphysical Art, especially by the artist de Chirico, whose exhibition I have visited in Venice in February. Hyperspace's lo-fi (low fidelity of sound) aesthetics reminds me of vapor wave aesthetics that uses Italian statues such as David, which I also visited on-site in Florence. In this illustrated album cover, I turnt Beck into a statue as well. Using Surrealist elements like clear open sky, horizon, stark contrast of light and shadow, and the absurdity of space and themes, I hope to capture the essence of the album and its key message in the music.

Further actions in the progress: 
1. Render the other parts of the statue to comply with the visual language of the face
2. Adjustment of shadows and other logical details
3. Consideration of more items in the background
4. Back side of the album; design of inner sleeve; an accompanied illustration with lyrics of one song
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