About Selina Kehuan Wu
Selina is a Communication Designer raised in Nanjing, China, a picturesque ancient city of literati and artists. Living in Missouri now, she is a rising senior at Washington University in St. Louis as a BFA candidate of Communication Design. Her Chinese name Kehuan means being capable of imagination, which she tries to realize in every work she creates. Illustrator by nature and Graphic Designer by nurture, she believes that Communication Design is able to deliver a transpersonal, transformative, transcendent, and transgressive power no less than fine art. 
In her free time, she loves to spontaneously hop on random buses to get lost, take long walks along waters in sunny afternoons, or immerse herself in existential crisis. Her favorite bands never came to St. Louis, but so far she hasn't lost hope.
Resume available upon request by email.
Say hello to kehuanwu@wustl.edu 
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